Basics of Home Decoration

When you decorate your home, it shouldn’t be that you just purchase anything and everything you like and that you can put them all together. That’s not how decoration works. When you decorate, you must keep in mind the basic principles of home decoration. You should have a little bit of decoration knowledge.

When you do home decoration, what you should first do is set a theme. Your theme can be rock theme, Kpop theme, princess theme, medieval theme, wooden theme, and many others. Next, you should set a color palette. It can be any color that you want. You may mix and match colors together or you may select the main color and work on its hues and shades. The colors that you mix and match may be contrasting colors or they can be colors that are close to each other or belong to the same color family.

For example, you may choose yellow and black, or you may choose bright colors such as yellow, blue, and orange. You may go for pastel colors or for a more minimalist style with green, white, and terracotta.

When it comes to home decoration, you don’t have to spend a lot. You may salvage things that you already have and repaint them or repair them to make them look new. You may even purchase items from second-hand stores and give them your personal touch to make them even better. When it comes to home decoration, what you need to do is have a vision. You should also evaluate well if a certain item matches your theme and if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t force it. You don’t want your home to look like a mess rather than a well-decorated place. When you decorate, you should also make the space worth it. You should always keep in mind the principles of design such as balance, contrast, unity, emphasis, movement, rhythm, and pattern.