6 Luxury Sateen Sheets You Should Own

These six Luxury Sateen Sheets are oh-so-good and feel great.

1.Luxe Duvet Cover


Elevate your bedding with one smooth move- the Luxe Duvet Cover is luxury in every sense of the word. The slightly luminous finish and the 480-thread count are a must-experience!

2.Luxe Move-In Bundle


Perfect for those who recently moved or want to upgrade to better bedding. The bundle contains Luxe Sateen Sheet fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, comforter, two pillows, and four pillowcases. There’s even a bottle of Laundress Signature Detergent to get you going.

3.Luxe Split King Sheet Set


An improved version of the original Luxe Sateen sheet, the Split King Set comes with two pillowcases, a king size flat sheet, and two twin XL fitted sheets. The 480-thread count will invite you to lie down, and once you’re in you’ll find it hard to get out of bed.

4.Luxe Pillowcases


Set these pillowcases on your bed and bring a stylish finish to your bedding. Each pillowcase is made of 100% long-staple cotton and has discreet envelope-style closures for a seamless look. The material is also OEKO-TEX certified so you and your family members won’t inhale or absorb harmful chemicals.

5.Luxe Hardcore Bundle


Save money as you upgrade to better bedding. The Luxe Hardcore Bundle features a duvet cover, a core sheet set, and extra pillowcases. You won’t have to mix and match, which saves you time as well. Plus, you get the ultimate in comfort with premium sheets.

6.Luxe Starter Set


If you’re more of a try-before-you-buy guy, then the Luxe Starter Set is for you. It has all the bedding essentials you need, including two pillowcases and a fitted sheet. The bundle doesn’t break the bank and gives you a sneak peek of how luxurious premium sheets are, and how they promote better rest and sleep.